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I'm Megan Dustin.


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We chatted on the phone for your consultation, and you decided to book a session.  Yay!!  You’re super excited for your session.  But, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO WEAR??  This is one of the top concerns I hear from my clients during our consultation call!  Well, I have great news for you–I have taken the […]

Wardrobe & Styling | New Jersey Family Photography


Cell phone and a computer

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Full Service Photography

I think it’s time for me to walk you through the Megan Dustin Photography experience..that’s right, it’s an “experience”!  When I first started my business, I was happy to just be “working” as a photographer.  I would meet a client at a park, and they wouldn’t know what I looked like or how to even […]

How Important is the Client Connection? | Hunterdon County, New Jersey Studio Photography

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    New parents have hundreds of questions–of course you do!  Everything is new and exciting, and you need answers! I provide a lot of guidance to my clients from the first time we make contact to help you prepare for your maternity session. On our first phone call, I want to learn all about […]

How to Prepare for your Maternity Session | New Jersey Maternity Photographer