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How Important is the Client Connection? | Hunterdon County, New Jersey Studio Photography

Full Service Photography

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I think it’s time for me to walk you through the Megan Dustin Photography experience..that’s right, it’s an “experience”!  When I first started my business, I was happy to just be “working” as a photographer.  I would meet a client at a park, and they wouldn’t know what I looked like or how to even distinguish me from other photographers in the park.  I would hold their session, edit their photos, deliver them in an online gallery, and still know very little about them. Half the time, I didn’t even know if they loved their photos or if they ever printed any of them.
I knew I wanted something more meaningful with my clients.  I wanted to know them and their story.  That is why I have changed my approach to the client experience in my Whitehouse Station, New Jersey photography studio, and I am SO glad I did!
The first step in the experience is my consultation phone call.  Did you know that I connect with each potential client on the phone prior to booking?  This is a step that I really enjoy, because it gives us the opportunity to get to know each other.   The client connection begins with our first phone call together. Getting to know my clients and making sure we are a great fit is important to me!
consultation call

Why is a consultation call important?

* I get to hear your voice and learn about your story.
* You can share your vision for your maternity/newborn/milestone/family session with Megan Dustin Photography.
* I can share the value in all of the services I provide before, during, and after your session.
* We can chat about how you want to preserve your memories from your session. I want you to enjoy your photos every day in your home. Your memories shouldn’t just live on your hard drive.
* We can talk about logistics of your session:  hair/makeup services, wardrobe, artwork design, and more!  I help with ALL of that!
* I can answer any questions for you about my services.
* I can share the booking details, and get you on the schedule!
How do you schedule a call with me? Just click here, and we’ll set it up!

We had our call, and now I want to book my session!

I have shared with many of you that I limit the number of sessions I book each month. This is so that I can provide each of my clients with a really exceptional experience. It is best to book your session earlier rather than waiting, because I hate turning amazing clients away!
booking your session

Here are the timeframes I suggest for booking:

* Maternity Sessions: Book by your second trimester. I recommend maternity sessions take place when you are between 28-34 weeks along in your pregnancy.  Many clients choose to book a Simplicity Session to document their pregnancy.
* Newborn Sessions: Book after your first trimester is complete. I will reserve your session on a temporary date according to your due date, and we will adjust the session date after your baby is here!  More information about my Signature Session experience can be found here!
* Milestone Sessions: Book anytime…but earlier is better. If you’re wanting to capture a certain stage, book your session several months ahead (examples: birthday session, sitter session).  To freeze those special moments in time, check out more information about Simplicity Sessions here.
I can’t wait to chat with you on our call!  Contact me here to learn more!
Stay tuned—>
The next blog post about the Megan Dustin Photography experience will be all about services I offer for every client!

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