Hi! I'm Megan!

I’m a mom of three amazing kids. I understand the many tasks you’re faced with each day as a busy mom. I also understand firsthand just how quickly our babies grow and change before our eyes. They weren’t kidding when they said “babies don’t keep”. We blink and all of a sudden our babies are learning new things and changing every day. Let me help you remember each of the little moments.

Will you remember all of the tiny details of your baby as a newborn—Her tiny fingers and toes? The little wisps of baby hair? The way he curled up into your arms, all cozy and warm? Or your toddler—The silly smirks when you’re tickling him? The way she could twirl for hours in a favorite dress that “spins just right”? We don’t get these moments and these details back, so we need to find ways to remember them.

Capturing your family as you are in this very moment in time is what I love to do. Let me handle all the details from start to finish so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed at the thought of planning a portrait session. You just get to enjoy the experience and love your artwork for many years to come.

Thank you for visiting my site—let’s get started on turning your moments into memories!

Mommy and Me

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