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Outdoor Portrait Session | Whitehouse Station, New Jersey Family Photography


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One of my favorite things about my job is being able to watch my clients grow over time.  Seeing my tiniest clients as newborns grow into adorable, silly toddlers full of personality is the BEST.  I had the best time giggling and smiling with these two adorable brothers.  We first met at Jackson’s newborn session, three years ago, and I have loved watching this family grow.

toddler brothers outdoor session

It is so awesome to see the amazing bond between siblings.  Baby Joseph was a little unsure of me at first, but his big brother, Jackson, ran right over to give him big hugs and put him at ease.  It was just the sweetest!

baby brother with crate

In the middle of this session, I looked over at their mama and grandma, and saw just how happy they both were to have this moment captured.  And it made my heart so happy, because that’s what this is all about.

toddler brothers on ladder

I’m so fortunate to have this beautiful outdoor space available for outdoor portrait sessions right here at my Whitehouse Station, New Jersey photography studio.  There’s no worrying about finding a public location for an outdoor session–this space is right here!  brothers hugging

3 year old boy smiling A Megan Dustin Photography simplicity session is the perfect choice for capturing your child’s personality in a portrait session.  The focus of a simplicity session all about capturing your child at this exact moment in time.  I don’t use a lot of busy props or crazy backdrops during this type of session, because the focus shouldn’t be on all of that “stuff”.  It should be on your child.  Because, next week, next month, next year…they will be older and will have changed.  I want to help you remember this time.  More information on simplicity sessions can be found here.  serious baby leaning on crate

Ta-Da!  Want to know how I get smiles like this??  We play games–peekaboo is always a favorite!  We sing songs–the sillier the better!  And I talk to your children.  I want to get to know them, and that puts them at ease.  They become more comfortable once we chat a little bit, and by the time your session is over, we usually feel like old friends.

toddler playing peekaboo

Are you loving the adorable outfits these cute boys are wearing?  The sage green denim pants and classic white t-shirts are part of my client wardrobe (in several sizes).  That means they are available for my full session clients to wear during your sessions.  A lot of clients tell me that finding coordinating and cute wardrobe options is overwhelming when considering planning a photo session.  Luckily, when you book a session with me, I offer an extensive client wardrobe.  That’s one more detail that you DON’T have to worry about– you can leave that to me!

toddler winking

Do you want photos of your child like this so that you can remember the little details about them when they were this age? And if you can’t remember, I want you to look at images from your session and be brought back in time so you do remember again.  These moments are fleeting…they really do go by so quickly. Click here to contact me about setting up your simplicity session today!

Or maybe it’s time for updated portraits of your whole family this fall. Then, a signature session may be the right choice for your family.  I’d love to chat more with you to help you choose the best experience with Megan Dustin Photography.  Let’s remember 2020 for all of the good times that came out of this year!

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