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5 Things to Consider when Hiring Your Newborn Photographer | New Jersey Newborn Photography


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You’re about to have a brand-new baby–congratulations!  There are so many things to prepare…and now you need to think about hiring your newborn photographer!  This is one of life’s biggest moments, and I am SO excited for you!  Earlier this week, I shared how overwhelming it can be to choose the right photographer for your family.  Today, let’s chat about 5 important things to consider when choosing a newborn photographer. 

1.  Safety:

Above all else, you NEED to choose a photographer who is trained and knowledgable about newborn safety. Personally, I would never risk a newborn’s safety just to “get the shot” that a parent has requested.  There is no pose that it worth it to me—you have just welcomed this beautiful, perfect human into the world and I would not jeopardize anything happening to you or your baby during your session.  Questions to ask: 

  • Has your photographer been trained in safe newborn posing?  
  • How long has your newborn photographer been in business or had experience with newborns?  
  • Does your newborn photographer have an assistant to help safely pose your baby and make sure you are comfortable?  
  • Does your newborn photographer have liability insurance?  
  • With the current health crisis, how is your photographer planning to maintain a hygienic space for your family? 

These are all questions it is OKAY to ask—you will be handing over your most precious gift to them!  (FYI—I have had extensive newborn safety training with some of the best educators in the world—Sandra Moffatt and Ana Brandt to name a few!)

2.  Location: 

Do you prefer to have your newborn session in a professional studio or in your own home?  How far are you willing to travel for your newborn session?  This is a fairly concrete decision.  It really is just a matter of preference.  I’ll be talking more about my studio over the next few weeks so you can have a look around and decide for yourself!


3.  Reviews: 

Check out testimonials the photographer has on his/her website, Facebook page, and Google.  This will show you if the photographer is experienced and how past clients have felt about their sessions with that photographer.  Check out a few of mine HERE.  

4.  Style: 

This is a really important one!  Make sure to check out the photographer’s work—on Instagram, Facebook, and their website.  Newborn photography falls into two general categories:  posed and lifestyle.  Many photographers show a bit of both types, so that may be an option as well.   A posed session often has the baby positioned in different ways, using different backdrops and props.  A lifestyle session typically happens in your home, and the concept is capturing your family in your own space.  There is little posing involved during a lifestyle session, and images are typically more candid.  I tend to do a combination of both posed and lifestyle sessions in my studio. 

Don’t forget to look carefully at the consistency of images the photographer produces.  For instance, I choose to use a very neutral color palette and I avoid bulky props during my newborn sessions.  All of the wardrobe options, backdrops, wraps, and newborn accessories in my studio support this overall vibe.  I want the focus to be on your incredible new baby and your family, not on props you will regret using in 5 years.  This is the look that I love, and my clients come to me because they share that love.


5:  The Client Experience:

With so many photographers out there now, there is certainly a “photographer for everyone”. Do you want an exclusive client experience where you are taken care of every step of the way?  One where your photographer takes time getting to know you and your family?  One where your photographer provides wardrobe and beauty services as part of your session experience?  One where your photographer spends time with you following your session to design and create beautiful pieces of art so that you can treasure images from your session for years to come?  Or are you looking for a photographer to do a 15-minute mini-session?  I am in this business to form relationships with my clients, to capture the big and small moments for your families, and to make every step of the portrait process enjoyable and easy!

Why did I give you all of this information?

I want you to make an informed decision when you are choosing a photographer to document this momentous time in your life. It is such a special time that you truly never get back, and I would be so sad to learn that you were unhappy with your newborn session experience.  If you are expecting a baby (or if you’re looking to hire a photographer for any of your important moments), please reach out to me.  I would love to hear more about your story and learn how I can help you!  Click HERE if you would like to chat more!

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