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I'm Megan Dustin.


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Screen time and kids is an ongoing debate in my house, and I’m sure many of you may share the struggle.  Our kids are growing up in a different time than we once did.  Screen time for me as a kid consisted of an episode of Sesame Street after lunchtime, or twenty minutes of Super […]

The Screen Time Debate for Kids


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Yesterday, I received a phone call that school would be closing early for the next two school days in order to let teachers prepare for an inevitable shutdown due to the Coronavirus.  What does this mean for our children?  What does it mean for parents?  I don’t know about you, but the idea of “homeschooling” […]

Keeping Kids Busy During This Nationwide Lockdown

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The hype and panic that has set in across the globe over the Coronavirus is exploding.  For adults, this can be overwhelming.  And for kids, it can be even more so.  I personally have a 7-year-old who expresses a lot of anxiety and worry over anything he doesn’t understand.  And now that schools are closing, […]

Coronavirus Causing Panic for Kids Too–How You Can Help!